A Day at Osaka, Japan

After Tokyo, Osaka is the second largest city of Japan in terms of the population. It has evolved from a small city town to a bustling economic center which has much to offer in the modern day Japan.

Although, it is not very famous for sightseeing but there are many places which would hold your interest.

First of all, its very location on Osaka Bay at the mouth of historical Yodo River, is interesting enough; but if you have a day to spare, do make it a point to visit some of the places that are bound to grab your imagination!

Here’s a list of some of the most Important places of interest in Osaka.

himeji-castle-Osaka Castle

This castle, built in 1583, is one of the most famous castles of Japan.  It was made by Hideyoshi Toyotomi,  who built this as a stronghold which eventually led to the stopping the century long  skirmishes between the various  factions in Japan.  It has been acknowledged one of the main reasons that led to the unification of Japan in the late 16 century.

During the World War 2, it had got almost completely destroyed by the bombings by allied forces; however a massive Restoration drive during the period between 1995 and 1997 has brought it back to original.

Shitenno-ji Temple 

This is one of oldest Buddhist temples in Japan, and is a “must see” for the followers of Buddhism from all over in Japan as well as the entire world. It is one of the few temples that despite regular restorations, displays its original architecture and design and has a pagoda and a multi-floored tower.

It is a venue for many activities and Buddhist festivals round the year.

osaka amusement pUniversal Studios

if you are travelling with family and kids, this is a perfect outing to be in. it has many rides and shows built on the lines of the similar theme parks round the globe. The kids will especially love to be welcomed by their famous characters like Shrek, Woody Woodpecker, Snoopy, Mickey mouse, Spider-Man, etc
It has some of the most exhilarating shows that bring excitement for the entire family. Enjoy the Terminator 2: 3-D, Shrek’s 4-D Adventure and other such fascinating shows while you are here.

Himeji Castle

This is slightly away and you can do it on a half day trip from Osaka.  Built during 1580, It is said to be Japan’s most beautiful citadel. Also known as “White Egret”, due to its white marble construction, It is a typical multi level castle complex with a five-story high lookout tower as well as the surrounding moats. It is flanked by the famous Koko-en Gardens, where you can spend time strolling in the picturesque gardens or make a lunchtime stopover.

Sumiyoshitaisha (or the Sumiyoshi Grand-Shrine)

This is the famous shrine that enshrines the three Gods who have traditionally been worshiped. It is visited by Buddhists from all over the world.


This 1.8-mile island in the Yodo River is home to many of the historic buildings like the Nakanoshima Festival Tower and the City Hall. It has a lovely park that stretches to almost half of the island boasts of its picnic spots and tranquil waterfront walkways, some great museums like the National Museum of Art as well as a well-kept rose garden.

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