A Honeymoon Destinations Wish list

Honeymoon is a special occasion and everyone wants to do something different so that becomes a sweet memory for many years to come.  While everyone’s idea of how to spend a honeymoon is different, but one thing is common- being away from the crowds and enjoying a few days of bliss without disturbance.

Here is a list of some of the best escapes for you and your spouse while on honeymoon.  This list is not all-inclusive and is limited to just 5 such holiday locations; we have confined ourselves to some of the best and the most popular honeymoon locations worldwide.

French Polynesia

The beauty of this group of islands which includes Bora-Bora and Tahiti would surely astonish you.  Set among some of the best locales in the world, you are sure to spend some of the best days of your life on this love nest. You can try out island hopping, exploring the beautiful beaches, and have some of the most heavenly views of the ocean.


Now, this is a classic country, frequented by many and has a lot to offer; be it the simple pleasures of fine Italian dining, or the music and a dash of history along with some of the most wonderful and scenic spots in the world.

You have an ample choice to select the places; whether it is enjoying your day visiting Venice- the floating city, exploring the ruins of Rome, piazza in Florence, the inspiring cliffs of Amalfi coast or exploring Tuscany and its famous vineyards.


Honeymoon is an occasion which has to be savored for times to come, so why not be at one of the rarest gems of this isolated, yet pleasant archipelago in the Indian ocean? Although, you may find getting here slightly awkward, it would be well worth is once you see the treasures it has to offer.

h3You have many options like a snorkeling adventure above the colorful reefs, bungalow lounges in the beautiful blue lagoons, or simply a lonely spot under the clear blue sky, where you can sit and watch the ocean for hours and marvel at the colors change as the sun sets over the horizon.

Fiji islands

This classic south pacific archipelago is a hallmark of authenticity and has retained its history and culture in their original form.

Here you will find some of the most original architecture, culture, music, folk dances, etc. Its isolated location gives it an aura of a far away culture waiting to be explored. A honeymoon here will guarantee you the taste of the warm Fijian hospitality as you explore these 300 plus verdant islands

South Africa

A hot destination for the big five safaris in the Kruger national park, you can do much more here while on a honeymoon.

Get the taste of the remarkable sauvignon blancs at Franschhoek, fine-dine on the Dutch cuisine when at  cape town, try your hand at bungee jump with your spouse and if you have a real adventurers streak and want to do something as a lasting remembrance, try a shark-cage dive in the ocean. South Africa has so much to do; you will wonder how to squeeze it all into you week long honeymoon.


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