A Ski Vacation Checklist

The winters are here, and with it comes the snow. I am excited about the ski holiday which I am going to take in a few days time – to celebrate my maiden ski adventure the last year, around at the same time.

This time around, I have planned to go with a new group, and while two of us are slightly experienced, the other four are beginners. They are of course quite anxious too and hence they keep writing emails asking about various things they should be packing for the oncoming trip.

For those of you who are relative beginners too, I have compiled a list of what you should definitely be packing when you go on a ski trip.

ski2The basic outfit

It goes without saying that you are going to encounter icy winds as you go down the slopes; and hence should be requiring the protective gear which consists of the ski trousers (also called salopettes) as well as a ski jacket.

Now, while some of you might feel carrying ordinary jackets will do, I must warn you that it is not a sound thing to do as they will not be adequate.

Ski jackets are thermally insulated, windproof and waterproof to keep you protected in any adverse weather conditions too. They would help keeping you safe, comfortable and warm.


A helmet is an absolute must especially for a beginner.  However, you need not carry this with you if it is taking too much of your space as you can very easily hire one at the ski resort.

Snow gogglesski3

Snow goggles help in protecting you against snow blindness which occurs due to reflection from the white snow all around.  Although you can hire these too, but it is recommended to carry your own just in case you need it even before or after skiing.

A pair of ski gloves

Again, as is the case with ski jackets, these gloves too need to be of a similar thermally insulated and waterproof material. They should also be well fitting so that you get a good grip on to the ski sticks.

Thermal socks

While walking in the snow, it is quite common to get a feeling of the toes being numb. To overcome this, you must wear a pair of thermal socks.  Therefore, carry at least two to three pairs with you.


Since the weather keeps fluctuating very often, it would be wise to wear thermal innerwear instead of wearing the normal cotton or woolen items.

This will ensure that your body does not get exposed in case of sudden change of weather.

The neck tube

This is something that many people do not know about.  I had my self not known, till the last year when I went for my first ski vacation.  It was my instructor who told me about it and believe me, this can be a real life saver when you are on a chair lift. It is useful against the Chili winds affecting your neck region which is otherwise exposed.


You must carry with you adequate supply of items   like the lip balm, moisturizers as well as the sunscreen lotions to protect you against the harsh effects of sun.

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