A Taste of the Genuine English Tea in London

Experiencing the joy of the famous English tea in London was one of my heartfelt desires since a long time. It got fulfilled lately when I went to London on a trip and one of my business colleagues invited me over to join her for the afternoon tea at the Metropolitan Hotel where she was staying.

I was excited, not to say the least because this is certainly one of the best known hotels of London, and I knew instantly that it was going to be a great experience trying out the English afternoon tea experienced at its well known Met Bar.

tea2The venue

Metropolitan Hotel is very well located and one of the most unique things that I have seen in this hotel is that the Met Bar, the venue of the evening tea is located on the ground floor and has a totally different entrance for non residents.  This makes it very easy for the staff as well as for the guests to conduct themselves and attend this very famous event.  At the hotel lobby itself is legendary and is very well decorated which gives a warm and welcoming look.

The afternoon tea event

The venue was bustling with activity as there for so many people who were looking forward and looked excited the place was well decorated with the waiters and butler’s moving around efficiently,  helping and guiding people  in whatever they needed.

The spread appeared to be quite large with alcoholic and nonalcoholic sections separate.

I tried out most of the non alcoholic drinks first because they were quite unique blends; and true to my expectations, each one appeared to be better than the other.

The Savories

The 3-tier platter was exceptionally impressive and the menu displayed some ingenious modern twists to the classic traditional items. The list was vast and looked appetizing. 

It has the best collection of the most famous English dishes such as the smoked salmon,  cucumber sandwiches,  cream cheese,  sharwarma, Potted grilled chicken, coriander crumble, etc. what made my day was the extremely well done Pork pie served with homemade piccalilli.

The Sweetslondon4

No English afternoon tea is ever complete without the traditional scones. Here at the Metropolitan Hotel they really spread out a huge variety of freshly baked scones filled with heavenly combinations of orange scented cream, an assortment of jams and other mouth watering fillings.

There were also the tastiest and softest sliced pieces of ginger cake and Chocolate-cardamom slices that I have ever had. This was followed up with macaroons that had Green Tea and Pistachios. All in all, it was an afternoon of total sinful indulgence.

The Verdict

As an afterthought, would call this afternoon tea experience at the London’s Metropolitan Hotel an impeccable and a totally heavenly experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in London and wants to try something that would leave fond memories forever.



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