Checklist Before Leaving on a Road Trip

Going on a long road trip takes a lot of planning.  It can be highly stressful period because you got to carry on with your normal life till the time you hit the road and yet not forget anything that may be important while you are away.

road-trip4It is useful to make a checklist of items that you got to do before leaving. You also need t give a thought to what you got to take with you.

Here is a small list of things that you should look into before you finally leave on a long trip-

  • Secure your residence – It goes without saying that while you are away you would not like anyone to break in and take away your possessions and precious belongings. Therefore, your first priority should be to make it safe. It is best to pack everything of value properly and keep it with some relative or a trustworthy friend. You can deposit your precious belongings in your banks locker too.
  • Payment of bills – There will be many bills which would be coming while you’re away. You have to make arrangements that these are paid in time and you do not incur any penalty for late payment.

It is best to make a list of your regular expenditure and credit that much money in advance so that the payments take care of themselves.  You can also set up your net-banking account to pay automatically on demand.

  • Organize a sale – There will be items that might get spoilt while you are away, depending upon the length of your stay away. This could be the potted plants, your old desktop, mattresses or even items of your furniture.  You may like to organize a sale and give them away.  This would also get you some money which would come handy during your visit.
  • Meet your friends and relatives – Since you will be away for a long time and may not see some of your main roadfriends and close relatives it is best to meet them before you to drive out. You may in any case we needing their assistance while you away due to any unforeseen circumstances and it is best to remind them about the details of your stay away.
  • Get your car serviced – If you are going by car, it would be a good idea to get it fully serviced before you move out. You may also like to make a list of fast moving spares which you may need should you get stranded at an isolated place.  Talk to your garage about it and they would give you a list which you can keep somewhere safe in your car.
  • Organize your insurance – If you are going to be on the road for a long time it would be a good idea to organize health insurance for yourself as well as the members of your family. Make sure that it covers you against all contingencies.
  • Medicines – You must make a list of all the common medicines that may be required and carry them with you. Once you are on the move; you will not know where to go in a strange place in case there is a medical emergency

Being well organized will help you enjoy your holidays without a worry and also ensure safety for you as well as your family.


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