Common Questions by The First Time Travelers

Not many people are fortunate enough to travel far and wide from a very young age.  However as they say, there is always a first time for everyone, and when that happens there are a lot of questions that crop up in the mind about some small and very trivial issues which we had never given the thought earlier.

It is but natural to feel nervous if you are travelling to far away from your own country and where you know they may be language barriers.

It is always good to clarify them before taking the trip because being the first time; you do not want to be stranded at some place without any guidance or support.

Here are some common questions that may come in your mind when traveling for the first time

first mainChoosing a destination

When you have a lot of choice, it is often more baffling to choose the best one.  The golden rule of the thumb is that he should not follow what others are doing but see what your mind wants.  Always choose a place which is based on your own personal choices as well as interests.

Applying for Visa

These days, the visa rules for many countries have relaxed and they permit VISA on arrival.  Check out your list and see if that suits you otherwise if a country requires a visa, then apply for it well in advance – sometimes as much as 6 months earlier.

Visit the countries’ website and see the formalities and the documentation that is required for the visa.

Most of the countries insist on confirmed flight as well as Hotel tickets bookings before confirming your visa.

Booking your tickets

These days you do not have to go to the travel agents to book the tickets for you. You can book your own tickets on the various websites that offer this service.

It often turns out to be the cheapest and the best way of booking because you can fully control it and also big changes subsequently without having to depend upon the travel agents.

Cash or cardsfirst2

The days of carrying Travelers Cheques or the money in cash are over and the best way to travel is by carrying the Debit cards as well as the Forex cards which can be used at the ATMs as well as any outlet all over the world.  It is also a foolproof system which will come to your 8 in cases there is a test how you lose your luggage, since you would not be carrying any valuables or money with you.

Travel insurance

Many countries insist on proof of travel insurance when you apply for your visa.  Therefore, it is best to get it done well in time so that you can attach the proof along with the application for your visa.

But do remember even for  getting the travel insurance done you do not have to go to any agent as the same can be easily done online without any sessions which also turns out to be the cheapest.

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