Driving around Tuscany: A perfect Road Trip

Driving through and around Tuscany is are tourists delight,  since it has a variety of sites which reflect its traditional rich culture and heritage. besides this it also has a beautiful geographical composition which is a mix of mountains, islands, hills, planes as well as seacoast .

ttuscan3Tuscany is an ideal setting for long scenic drives along the countryside.  If you want to go on a road trip and enjoy everything that it has to offer,  you can take any of the two main driving routes;  both equally remarkable and offer some of the most beautiful sights and scenery-  these two roads are the  Via Cassia, and Via Chiantigiana.

Let me cover the  beauty of what Via Cassia  has to offer.

This is one of these ancient driving routes that has been used since centuries by the Romans.

The larger portion of this route was being used by the various pilgrims in those days who went on their spiritual Journeys between Rome and Canterbury.

It is a circular route which  boasts of some of the most spectacular countrysides of Italy.  The landscape that you see here forms an image on quite a few  photo postcards  that people send to their friends all over the world.

A drive  along this route is a rare  opportunity that gives a glimpse into a rich cultural art and heritage besides offering  the Pristine scenic beauty.

The itinerary starts with a drive south of Siena. Take the route along Via Cassia to Val d’Arbia. It will lead you to the captivating Crete Senesi territory.

You will cross many undulating hills, isolated cypress trees, wheat fields as well as some deserted landscape as you pass through Buonconvento and Monteroni d’Arbiaset in a typical medieval period encircled by walls.

The Val d’Orcia Tourtuscan1

After going past Buonconvento, and after crossing Torrenieri, the Via Cassia leads to Val d’Orcia which has a unique landscape as it marks the start of one of the most magnificent stretches along this roads that will showcase many scenic hills with amazing hamlets along with miles of greenery all around.

You will be held spellbound by the picturesque setting of the villages like the San Quirico d’Orcia, which is also a walker’s paradise. While you are there, do visit the Horti Leonini, a glorious Italian garden.

After driving some 10 Km ahead of the San Quirico is Pienza, you will see the Val d’Orcia, an enchanting hill-town which has some  incredible architecture that dates back to the 15th century!

Later as you are in this town you can visit the craft shops and for lunch, try out the Pienza, famous for its signature wines and cheese.

Continuing with your journey, you will encounter Montalcino, a dazzling medieval town 15 km from San Quirico, which has countless vineyards and an imposing fortress that will grab your attention.

From there, while on Via Cassia, you will come across Bagno Vignoni, a town famous for its thermal baths. From Bagno Vignoni the road trip leads to an ancient volcano, the Monte Amiata and therafter to Bagni di San Filippo.

Do not miss out the village called Rocca d’Orcia, en-route, as it has a perfectly preserved fortress of Radicofani.



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