Exploring the Exquisite Chianti Region

Chianti is one of the most well-known areas of Tuscany in Italy and is famous for its scenic beauty and the charming towns on top of the hills with wonderful vineyards stretching out infinitely.

chianti3The stretch from Florence right up to Siena and Arezzo has a number of places surrounded by the green hills and vineyards all around. It has a number of mediaeval helmets, extensive woodlands and winding country roads make this area look like picture postcards brought to life.

Some of the world’s best vineyards lie here between various undulating hills, which increase the charm of Chianti, famous for producing the well-known Chianti Classico Wine.

In fact while driving along these routes one of the biggest and most enjoyable activities is stopping by the vineyards to test their delicious wine.

All the wines at Chianti are made by very strict standards of quality control and are distinguished by the exclusive Black Rooster (Gallo Nero) label. It’s classic Chianti wine formula has been into the existence since 1860 when it was created in the famed Castle of Brolio by Bettino Ricasoli.

The charming hill-top towns

Discovering the various hilltop towns and villages in Chianti Is best done by travelling in a car and driving along the famous “Chiantigiana Route”. It is quite an unforgettable experience, as you will uncover many hidden treasures like the remote wineries and the vineyards all along the road.

Some of these wonderful Hilltop towns are listed below –

Castellina – This is a medieval village bounded by an ancient wall and has a backdrop of the wonderful 15th century fortress which dominates the scene.

The town also has a unique and ancient covered walkway that adds to its charm. It is a village that has Etruscan origins.

Its wine is certainly something that can be called one of the best in the world. You will find many wine shops here and also enjoy the traditional cuisine in the restaurants at its historical center.

chianti1Greve – This village boasts of the biggest wine fair, known as The Chianti Wine-Festival, during September every year. There are dozens of wine shops all over the town.

The town square Piazza Matteotti displays a  statue of the  well known Italian explorer  “Giovanni-da-Verrazzano” and has some really lovely arcades. The Saturday a market at the piazza is a great experience too.

Village Montefioralle – this is an ancient fortified medieval hamlet a short distance away from Greve, guarded by walls and set amidst ancient olive groves, cypress trees and beautiful vineyards.

Badia a Passignano – this is a monastery located west of Montefioralle. Here you must go to “Osteria-di-Passignano”, a restaurant where you can try some of their typical dishes and can also go for one of the wine cellars tours.  “The Badia a Passignano” is aged in the ancient cellars in the basement of this monastery.

You can also visit The Castle of Brolio nearby, which offers a superb view of the entire Chianti landscape as you can spot Siena at the far distance.

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