Hong Kong’s Strange Street Food

You might be fond of traveling, but the visits to any place don’t count much as long as you have not experienced the cuisine and various dishes of the locals in that area. Every place has its own signature dishes and cooking and serving styles which are an education in itself.

No visit to Hong Kong is actually complete unless you have actually gone out on to the streets and tested out some of its strangest offerings.

Here is a list of some of the strangest of food that you would come across in Hong Kong –

roast-pigeonRoasted pigeon delight –   we do not commonly associate pigeon with mouth watering dishes.  But you would be amazed at the quality of the roast pigeon that is made here and served along with shrimps and chips.  The dish we had been very well done served with juicy and tender pieces of pigeon cooked to perfection.

Squid INK Spaghetti – while you may not be very fond of ink as the color of your meal, some of the eateries specialize in making noodles which are infused with Squid ink that gives it an uncanny look and the color.

But it is a hot favorite among the people who enjoy adventure, and once you get over the initial inhibition you may actually find it quite good with a slightly salty taste that bursts into   flavors hitherto unknown to you.  .

hk snakeSnake Soup – unlike in the western world, snake is a delicacy in Southeast Asian regions. And in HK, you will see it as a very normal part of any menu.

What makes it unique is the fact that, you get to select the snake that you want to be a part of your dish!  Snake soup is a hot favorite among many local and comes in the form of shredded snake in a bowl of soup.

Stinky tofu – while this is certainly not one of those names one would hktofuexpect to be associated with food, but it is this very name that urges you to try it on!

It is made of deep fried tofu that has been fermented in brine.  Despite the name, it certainly looks good at the time of serving as it has a crisp Golden texture that would invite you on to try sampling it.

1000_year_old_eggs_origin_drnogThousand year old egg –   while it is not literally that old, it is certainly is old enough to give it the feel, the smell and the color that would most certainly turn away anyone except the really adventurous travelers to Hong Kong.

It is made of duck eggs that are buried in clay for a few months.  This causes the insides to ferment and become dark green in color with a peculiar pungent smell.  What is surprising is that this delicacy is served in many street stalls and restaurants as the signature dish of Hong Kong!

Frozen dessert ice-cream – this is made from freezing various desserts by using liquid nitrogen.  It is a sort of made to order dish done right in front of you – something that you do not find anywhere else.  It comes in various flavors like tofu pudding, egg custard bun, malted soy milk etc. You can of course innovate with your own ideas and surprise yourselves as well as your guests.


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