My favorite Restaurants at Siem Reap

When we see a family or a group of friends coming together at a restaurant for spending some time together, it is always a good feeling because it represents an opportunity for socializing as well as exchanging information, while enjoying their favorite meal together.

Visiting restaurants and eateries assume a different context and importance while we are away visiting some other country or place. This is because it gives us opportunity to see the culture and try out the local cuisine of that place.

Quite often we go to a new restaurant only after hearing about it from the others.  As a foodie visiting Siem Reap, I would like to mention two restaurants that stand out among the others and I found their service as well as their food quality really satisfying.  Therefore, in case you are looking for something in Siem Reap do try out these restaurants and experience the very best of Cambodian cuisine.

sk1aThe Por Cuisine – Street Tea Chamrath, No- 298, 22nd Street, Krong, Siem Reap

It is one of the best contemporary and sophisticated restaurants which represent the local Cambodian cuisine in the world of fine dining.

They have a fine seating arrangements and their fusion theme is one of the most creative as well as innovative one that I have come across.  It effectively mergers the eastern and western culture in a fine blend, while focusing mostly on Southeast Asian cuisine.

But if you go there, do not order just the normal dishes that you have every where else. If you really want to try out Por Cuisine, then you must order the best of Cambodian food that you do not have anywhere else.

You would be amazed at the list in the menu and will be spoilt for choices.  In case you do not know how to decide just choose anything and be sure that it will be played to perfection.

They also have some special signature brands of menu items like the cocktail sausages which go well with the drinks.

Try visiting at around 7:30 p.m. because they also have a life dance show every day.

The Siem Reap Brewpub – Sangkat –Svay- Dong-Kom, Siem Reapseimk2

Located at the Corner of Street 05 & Shinta Mani at Phum Mondul 2, this is not a restaurant but what we could call more as a brew-pub.

It is a rather creative and very innovative business idea that mixes of the characteristics of a good restaurant with homemade brewery.

It has a very soothing decor and seems to be always full with a lot of youngsters having beer amidst loud music.  It is quite a happening place which gives a feeling of rejoice whenever you visit it.  Here you must try out some of the authentic beers which are brewed using the best of ingredients procured from the best of manufacturers all across the globe.

The in-house restaurant offers some very high quality and authentic Cambodian dishes which are very reasonably priced too and go very well with your drinks.

You can easily spend an entire evening here and go back fully satisfied by the unique experience.  Do keep in mind that since many of you may not be used to the various kinds of beers you can also ask for a tasting tray, in which you will get small amounts of all varieties, which you can taste and then place your orders.

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