Oh! The Waterfalls of Indonesia

Normally you do not associate a country like Indonesia to be having far too many waterfalls.  I mean, it is supposed to be a concrete jungle, right?


Far from it, Indonesia boasts of a number of exquisite waterfalls which will spellbind you.  I never realized the potential till I happened to come across an itinerary which gave out all these waterfalls.  Visiting them changed my about Indonesia totally.

So in case you are planning a visit to Indonesia anytime soon do not forget to look up this post once again and recapitulate these waterfalls which you should simply not miss

ind1Sendang Gile

There can be no doubt about this being one of the most beautiful waterfalls anywhere, and hence I made it my first stop. It is not too far from the park either and one can reach Sendang Gile without much difficulty after a short hike and a 10 minute descent to an area from where you can see cascading down to you it in its full glory!

The entire area is straight out of the books and is extremely picturesque with the surrounding rocks and vegetation adding to the overall beauty.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

The Tiu Kelep is an isolated waterfall and it will take you some time to reach by hiking. But it is well worth it. What sets it apart is the fact that in sharp contrast to the Sendang Gile, is the fact that it is on a fairly level ground.

The final stretch of the hike involves removing shoes and   wading through knee deep water at certain   stretches, but you will enjoy the scenic beauty all around.

ind2As you approach the Tiu Kelep, you will first hear its sound which becomes louder as you draw nearer ad you suddenly find it in front of you, cascading with a roaring sound as it plummets down into the rocks. You can relax here and also have a small picnic once you reach as it is fairly open and full of beautiful surroundings.

If you have the time you can also try to get into the icy pool formed at the base of this waterfall.   It has a pristine quality that that gets magnified by the spray formed by falling water hitting the rocks. The entire experience was so beautiful that none of our group wanted to get out of it and we got delayed in getting back.

The best part of this waterfall is that it is not frequented by many since it is located at a slightly isolated place which will give you much more time to be with yourself in the lap of nature.

The area is known for uncertain weather conditions and you may just be surprised to encounter rain without any warning as it happened with us while on our return journey.  Lesson learnt –   be prepared for any such event reality and take adequate supplies as well as protection with you in the form of umbrellas so that you do not get   stuck  on your way back home.

The entire experience of these two waterfalls will remain with you much after you get back and will urge you to visit them again.



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