Review – The Brunelleschi, Florence

Florence is one of the most historic cities of the world and is visited by thousands of tourists round the year. With such a large inflow, it is not surprising that it has a large number of hotels and resorts. These range from economic to mid budget and luxury segments.

In the luxury segment there are many hotels at Florence but not many can boast of easy accessibility that makes it possible to enjoy long hours sightseeing and getting to know the city.

Brunelleschi is located within a short distance from the famous Cathedral-di-Santa-Maria and is also a stone’s throw away from the other highlights like the famous ancient Roman baths. It is also well known for the extremely popular “Tower Suite”, which is an exclusive honeymoon suite frequented by newlyweds from all over the world.

Brunelleschi Hotel is a four star property in Florence located at the well known Piazza Santa Elisabetta.

My First Impressions

Brunelleschi’s grand lobby has a quaint layout with an exposed brickwork pattern that is unique and looks very inviting.

We were accorded a warm welcome by the Front Office Manager who made sure we were comfortable by showing our room to us personally and explained the various room features. He had a charming and warm personality that made us feel at home. He even offered to help us make an itinerary if we wanted.

B1The Stay in the Rooms

The hotel is somewhat different from what you normally come across and spans over a series of interconnected buildings; due to this, the rooms are all different from each other and some of the rooms in fact have a have a rather quirky layout.

The room allotted to us was of rather unusual dimensions, but it had all the comforts and was very spacious. Actually, I rather enjoyed these unusual differences. The best part was the fact that had a great view of the Via del Corso.

The bathroom was well equipped with a standalone Jacuzzi bathtub.

Around Brunelleschi

The Brunelleschi Hotel is centrally located and within walking distance from most of the tourist hot spots like the Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio the river and the Ponte Vecchio

B4Fine Dining

The hotel has a fine dining restaurant called the Santa Elistabetta, located in Pagliazza Tower which is a part of the hotel and its history of construction goes right up to the 6th century!

The breakfast buffet

The cost of booking includes the breakfast and what a great feast it turned out to be. It had many interesting Italian dishes and also intercontinental items with a variety of meats, wines and cheese

The verdict

The Brunelleschi Hotel has history etched at every corner but is at the same time modern and provides all the comfort that you associate with a luxury hotel.

If you are planning a trip to Florence in the near future do check it out. It is bound to give you many happy memories of an interesting and comfortable stay.




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