The Beautiful Cambodian Beaches

Not many tourists visit Cambodia for its beach destinations but believe me, once you have seen its beaches and experienced the local culture you would come back for more again and again.


The Cambodian town of Sihanoukville is a famous among the bag packers and the normal tourists alike for its beautiful beaches and a very active party scene.

With so many tourists visiting this place, it has also become slightly unsafe in the recent times; and has witnessed a number of the rampant thefts that have left many tourists lighter by a good amount of money as well as personal goods. Hence if you go there, do keep this in mind and keep your belongings safe.

Sihanoukville is a favorite destination for the tourists because there is everything that they would like – from budget accommodations to the local party scene as well as the beaches.

Main Beaches

There are two main beaches in this town – the Serendipity Beach and the Otres Beach.  Both are quite the opposite of each other.

sercambThe Serendipity Beach

The Serendipity beach is nearer and frequented by many visitors. hence you cannot expect it to be peaceful and quiet.

Add to it the din made by the local vendors, and you have one of the busiest beaches that you have ever come across.  On the plus side you can strike many bargains while buying something like a local artifacts or availing any of the services like a beach manicure.

The cost of eatables and drinks like beer is also slightly on the higher side; as is normal on any tourist spot.

You can do many things at serendipity beach and we enjoyed ourselves in various places during the Happy Hours at the local restaurants which gave away beers at almost half the price. And of course the party scene was seen to be believed.  It was wild and noisy and fun!  Some of the younger crowd would call it a “happening place”.

The Otres Beachcamb3

The other beach that is the Otres beach is slightly far away at a distance and therefore we decided to hire a few motorcycles and scooters.  You will find many of these outlets which hire out two wheelers and even cars to the tourists at a nominal price.  It is fun to take them because it makes your mobile and you can enjoy the sprawling views of the green countryside along the beach at your own leisure time.

The Otres Beach on the other hand is relatively isolated and therefore less frequented. This makes it a perfect place for those who love a bit of privacy.

With the Crowd being less, you can enjoy the salty breeze and lovely scenic settings in peace and quiet for the entire day without being disturbed by the vendors or by the inquisitive locals.

There are plenty of restaurants which serve local cuisine- mostly the seafood, along with chilled beer.

I spent the morning in the sea and took shelter in the local restaurant from the afternoon sun to savor some delicious squid with gravy noodles!

So if you want my advice – go to Sihanoukville if you like the party scene and nightlife, but if you wish to simply chill out, spend more time at Otres.


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