The Bicycle Adventure at PEI

Prince Edward Island (or the PEI) is a Canadian province consisting of many small islands. It also has a main island with the same name. It is located nestled between the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador and Québec.

You can arrive here by three different methods – You can reach there either by crossing the famous  Confederation Bridge  From New Brunswick or take a  ferry; a number of them operate from Northumberland and Nova Scotia, during May to December. You can also take a journey by air and arrive at the Charlottetown Airport.

PEI2Once you are on the island it is quite easy to explore. The best way is to go around with a bicycle.  There is a beautiful bicycle track which runs through the entire Island.  This bicycle track has an interesting history behind it; it was earlier railway track which was dismantled and this cycle track was made over it.  Therefore it passes over the picturesque rolling hills as it that connects the tiny villages along its 410 kilometer long beautiful stretch.  For a bicycle enthusiast, this is an ideal way to see the entire Island at a leisurely pace.

Top 3 bicycle routes at PEI

If you do not have too much time at your disposal, you can take any of these bike routes which would be perfect and showcase the entire group of islands in their full glory.

  1. From Gulf shore towards East – this is a 10 kilometer long track which passes over some of the most iconic landscapes as you cross the many lighthouses and the grass-topped sand dunes. The summer residences you will come across are cast in Victorian style and make a perfect setting for an idyllic holiday.
  2. From Gulf shore towards West – this is a seaside route and is passes over the jagged cliffs and covers the vast sand-dunes of Cavendish. The highlight of this route is a boardwalk that takes you over a pond which is home to many varieties of rare birds.
  3. The Confederation Trail – This trail along the Morrell’s to St Peter’s Bay is one of the most scenic areas along the entire erstwhile rail segment and covers the largely rural part of the PEI.

pei3Other activities at PEI

There are many activities at PEI that will enthrall you. You can hire a boat and paddle in the gulf while at the same time explore the places like the many lighthouses along the route. If you pause at the beaches beneath famous red cliffs of the Cavendish National Park, you will be amazed by the scenic combo of the greenery amidst the background of the red cliffs and the clear blue water which will urge you to explore further.

Eating out

There are many world-class restaurants that specialize in sea-food based cuisine. You can try out some of your favorite dishes or try out the famous lobsters or chowders that you get here.

PEI is sure to give you an adventure of your lifetime as you connect with nature.  You must add it to your bucket list of places you must see.

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