The Rare Cultural Shows of Indonesia

Every time we travel to a new country, we like to take a glimpse in its cultural heritage by watching its various art forms like the theatre, dances, magic music, etc.

The culture in most Asian countries reflects their heritage through ages. In Indonesia, you will come across some amazing performances of its dance forms and other cultural delights. Most of these cultural shows are the rare art forms, with a rich background of the local lores.

A country spread out over an astounding 17,500 islands, it has many different traditions   and cultures and while on a visit there, they are a simply “must see”.

So the next time you visit this country do not confine yourself to just the beaches, volcanoes, forests, and the temples. Try to get a peep into its history through these rare cultural shows.

indkekac1The Kecak Dance

This is the Fire dance that you should see in one of the famous Bali temples in their open auditoriums. It’s a story borrowed from the Hindu epic “Ramayana’ and the dance drama not just any show- it is more like a ritual. Generally the fire dance may also be followed by a show in exorcism.

As the show progresses and scenes get more exciting, the tempo increases with the performers creating an illusion of the war by swayed theirs arms wildly. Kecak, The fire dance will absolutely enchant you.

Tari Topeng Ireng

Topeng in the local language means “mask”. This dance form has its origin in various martial arts, Dayakan Dance, the Black Mask Dance and the Tari Topeng Ireng. It is very popular amongst the younger generation. Quite often you will be welcomed by kids with costumes used in Tari Topeng Ireng when you enter the lobby of your hotels.

These masked dances often have historical narratives telling stories about the legends, kings and heroes.

The Ramayana Balletind3

This Ballet is set against a glimmering backdrop of Prambanam temples at Jogja and is certainly one of the favorites. It is played in the ambiance of an open air theatre that is based across River Opak which gives it a special touch.

This Indonesian ballet displaying the various tales from the Ramayana takes quite a few hours as it unwinds the various stories covering the important aspects of the Ramayana in an interesting and riveting manner.

Interspaced with dramatic performances and lilting music, the story unfolds itself in an interesting manner and ends at the scene where the city of Lanka is set on fire by Hanuman. It is a sight that is spectacular in the very magnitude when it is performed.

The Saung Angklung Show

This is a show that is bound to be a great hit among the kids. It has performances by the little kids as well as adults as they dance, sing and play various musical instruments in a professional manner. Their energy during the performance is infectious.

Caci Dance

Traditionally what used to be a sport for the Manggarai people, it has now emerged as a dance form that displays the traditional ritualistic whip fights between opponents. The performance has the cast using not only the whips but also the masks, sticks, shields and bright colorful costumes, which are sure to enthrall you.

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