The Ultimate Stay: Chamba Camp, Ladakh

The Chamba Camp, Ladakh is located at Thiksey and is a flagship property of TUTC (The Ultimate Travelling Camp) and has been started just a few years back. I am going to describe my impressions during my recent trip there while travelling through Ladakh.

The reception

When we arrived at the Chamba Camp, we were given a warm welcome by the reception team and after the few introductions offered the traditional sweat herbal tea.

They also asked if we were feeling alright and not having any trouble breathing due to the high altitude. They appeared to be quite earnest about the acclimatization for tourists and advised us not to exert too much on the first day

chtentThe Rooms

Well, the rooms were actually tents.

Now before you get a wrong impression, these were not just ordinary tents but were the best in their class and were fully furnished with a large comfortable looking bed and camp style easy chairs.

My tent also had a chandelier and an attached bathroom enclosure that had a gleaming sink! The best part of course was the fact that my tent faced the Stok range and had brilliant view of the majestic snow-capped Stok Kangri.

As we settled down, I realized that I could look forward to an interesting and a comfortable stay.

Location advantage

The Chamba Camp is very close to the picturesque Thiksey monastery, the iconic structure that majestically covers most of the hillside.

Besides the monastery, there are a number of Chortens nearby in. Chortens are the historical Tibetan structures containing sacred Buddhist artifacts and relics.


There are many activities that can be done. Going on a short walk and meeting the locals and availing their ch2hospitality are one of them. You will find that the people here are simple and hospitable and ever ready to go out of way to help you and make you comfortable.

For those fond of adventure, the campsite provides many opportunities. They have a well equipped archery zone where you can try your skill or head out to watch some vigorous polo matches at a ground near the Stakna monastery. You can also try your hand at mountain biking, trekking or rafting; individually or under supervision depending upon your interest, experience and level of fitness.

Or, if you are not the outdoors type, take a cultural tour and learn about the historic town of old Leh.

We tried getting up in the morning and braving the crisp mountain air, headed for Thiksey to attend the morning prayers. The sonorous Buddhist chants by the monks are fascinating and one of the most mesmerizing experiences.

Meals and Other Facilities

Chamba Camp has a multi-cuisine restaurant and the chef goes out of way to talk to the guests and makes them exactly what they want to eat. You will get anything exotic that you want.

We were surprised to see that there was a Wi-Fi connection, although a slow speed one, but then what can you expect at a remote location high up at  12,000 feet in the Himalayas!

This Ultimate camping experience is however open for just the few months of summer.