Tips On Booking The Cheapest Flights

With the cost of a travel increasing day by day, flying has become very expensive and in case you are planning to go on a trip overseas, you would realize that the flight tickets are amongst the biggest expense of the entire journey.

It is therefore important to sit back and take a stock of how to best economize on this so that your overall trip becomes less expensive.

flight1In order to arrive at the best possible methods of minimizing your cost, it is important to understand the factors which go into place while fixing the rates of the Airlines tickets.  These are –

  • Supply and demand
  • Exchange rates
  • Airport taxes and surcharges
  • Competition between various Airlines
  • Price of crude oil

While all these are not under your control in any manner, you can manipulate to arrive at the best rates possible by certain indirect methods.

Selection of Dates of Travel

The pricing of the air tickets is mostly on a dynamic mode, i.e.  it varies with the availability on a particular date and is cheapest when the availability is more and the costliest when it is less.  This implies that you should book your tickets early when the availability is high irrespective of any sector of travel.

If you book well in advance and are flexible with your dates you are bound to get the lowest possible price.

Selection of Days

Going by the same principle, the maximum number of people travel on the weekends. Hence if you book during the midweek, you are sure to get a reasonable deal.  Also a few days before any holiday or festival can be avoided because that would be also the costliest as far as the cost of ticket is concerned.

Choose the Time of Travel

Very few people would want to travel during the late hours of the night or very early in the morning and hence, the availability in such flights is always more.

Booking return flightsflight3

Most of the airlines give discounts if you book a return flight at the time of your booking. Even during the return flight you must keep your dates as flexible so that you can earn the biggest advantage that is possible.

Flying by Budget Airlines

In case you want reduce on the cost of travel you can buy a ticket only from the budget Airlines. The seats and services are exactly same and only big difference that is there is a reduced allowance of free check-in baggage in budget airlines, which you can always control.

Try out Alternate Routes

You will find many Airlines give discounts and have cheap air tickets for routes which are tightly different and maybe indirect too, But all the difference that it makes is of a few hours.  If you think you can manage this, it is good option. Therefore search different airlines and avail of the discounts.

Multiple booking sites

While making your bookings, check out on various websites and you will find there are some differences in the cost being offered by them. Choose the best that suits you.

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