Top 3 Countries On My Bucket List

Traveling is all about exploring various cultures as well as the history of new places. Every travel requires quite a bit of planning and resources.

Going through my hearts secret desires of exploring new territories, I have the following three countries on my bucket list which I must visit in the coming years.

visit peru#1 – Peru

Surprising as it may appear; South America, which is the closest to the United States of America, is still one of the most unexplored regions of the earth and offers some of the most fascinating places to explore.

It has many countries with their own special place in the history, and sometimes if you were asked to choose any one on them for a visit, it becomes really difficult to do so because all are almost at par as far as the places to visit as well as the history and culture is concerned.

Peru has fascinated me long since due to the fact that it is the home to some of the most ancient cultures.  Also, they had been reports of some alien sightings which of course I do not believe, but yet I am intrigued enough to explore.

And of course, the Incan culture is fascinating as is the lure of Machu Picchu which is amongst the most famous of its historic sites.  I would also want to go to Peru to explore the rain forests of Amazon, as well as the Nazca Lines, which have a special place in the hearts of the true Sci-Fi buffs.

# 2 – Slovenia

A strange Desire, I know.  But there is something about the former Yugoslav state that draws me to it.

I would very much like to visit and explore Ljubljana, their 2000 year old capital and see the undisturbed beauty of visit1the dazzling of architectural style. In my mind I feel it is something akin to Prague or Vienna in terms of aesthetic beauty.

Also, from what I know, the Maribor region in the north is famous for its food and wine and a virtual haven for those who have a refined taste.

I guess it is the Slovenia’s picturesque setting with all its historic cities, quaint villages and the open countryside are also some of the attractions that create a magnetic effect on the traveler in me.

#3 – Ethiopia

Located in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia has always fascinated me. In my mind it is one of the most virgin and un-spoilt regions of the world.

Of course, it has its own demographic problems too, but as a tourist I would very much want to get a glimpse in this country that has been recognized by many as one of the most fascinating tourism destinations.

Very different from the other countries in its neighborhood, Ethiopia has a mixed culture that has Muslim as well as Christian leanings. Due to this, it has a very different historical background which makes it an ideal destination for me to study. It also has a varied landscape that ranges from open plains to craggy mountains that adds an adventurous twist to the country.

It is a melting pot of many beliefs and cultures which is a definite draw amongst the explorers like me.  I feel, it is places like these that a greater part of ancient  Christian’s history still remains preserved and is very different from the religion as we see elsewhere.


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