Travelling First Class by Air Mauritius

Air_Mauritius_1It is not often that one gets a chance to travel first class in one of the most premier airlines in the world.  To me, it happened quite by chance. We had booked for the economy class but when we reached the airport we were informed that we had been upgraded to first class for a simple reason that I had mentioned that was a travel blogger.

Maybe they did look forward to some positive reviews and why not!

If I had a good experience I do not mind telling others about it; as long as it helps someone.

Pre-Flight experience

Air Mauritius is a relatively new airline, known for their excellent service. My recent experience with this airline began even before we had started to board the flight; as we went to the VIP lounge at the airport.

It was very tastefully furnished and had many glossy magazines for the passengers to spend time and of course, they also had a huge assortment of chocolates which was simply mouth watering.

The Ground Staff

The experience at the boarding Gates was no less. We were efficiently checked in and guided to the aircraft as we prepared to board.  The ground staff was simply amazing and was a picture of efficiency as well as good behavior as they guided us through the entire process with a genuine smile on their face.

Boarding the aircraftam3

As we entered the aircraft it seemed to be a totally different world altogether, because of the beautiful decor as well as be very helpful staff.

I was mildly surprised to see air hostess accompanying every passengers of the executive area personally to their seats.

Wow!  So this is how the rest of the world travel!

The seats in the cabin had privacy curtains and were very specious and looked comfortable.  The 2 by 2 seat format give it a feeling of a mini bed which I thought would get me catch a nice nap as the aircraft cruised to its journey destination.

The Cabin Crew

Before I could ease myself and settle down properly, the air hostess walked up to me and asked me if I needed anything.

I mean, I did not even have to ask, and she was there!

In my opinion this was one of the most efficient and friendly cabin crew that I have ever come across.

The collection of the magazines was the best and the latest and there was also a travel bag which was complementary and filled with all sorts of goodies from the house of from L’Occitane!

The comfort

The quality of their champagne, as well as the food was excellent, as was the entertainment on board; with a huge collection of movies and music and the large personal TV screens.

When we wanted to rest the cabin crew and sure that we were comfortable backup lying pillows blackheads and thought Ever One would ask for

I think Air Mauritius is large hearted in their policy as far as looking after the guests was concerned, and spared no effort to ensure that they were comfortable.




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