Where to Stay While in Hong Kong

Whenever we travel, one of the questions that is uppermost in our mind is where should we stay?  The cost factor makes a lot of difference especially to those who are on a shoestring budget and want to cut down on cost of travel. Even those who can pay would like to minimize the cost.

Things to Consider

There are certain things that are common when it comes to deciding which place to stay. Some of these are-

  • The purpose for which you have gone – if you wish to have a quiet time to yourself to pursue some of your hobbies such as writing, art or painting then it is better to look for places that are far away from the beaten track and offer you the quiet time that you require.

hk2On the other hand if you are the adventurous kind then you may like to go in remote areas where hiking and adventure sports are possible.

And for a tourist who wants to study the history and culture it is better to stay in the heart of the city where you can visit what you want to see.

  • Getting around – this is very important because you must have means to get around pursuing whatever you want. Therefore, it should be where public transport as well as taxi services are readily available.
  • Safety – you would definitely like to be safe and will be willing to pay slightly more to ensure that the environment is safe

Suitable places in Hong Kong

There are literally hundreds of places that you can find with the budgets ranging from very low kind of hostel stay to luxury villas and hotels.  There are many websites which offer these services in which you can choose the best place in the area where you want to stay.

Selection of Stay Areas

Hong Kong can be divided into 3 regions as far as the various territories are concerned and these are –

  • The main Hong Kong Island,hk1
  • The Kowloon Peninsula and
  • The new territories.

Top optionChoosing the Hong Kong Island

This is most suitable for those travelling on business purposes.  It has the Wan Chai and the Admiralty regions which have the headquarters of most of the large international business houses.

These locations are also close to the tourist areas, shopping arcades and the famous dining spots.  There are also many options for using public transport in the form of Taxies, Trams, Subways or Ferry services.

You will also find many famous hotels like the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, and Grand Hyatt etc located here.

The second option – Kowloon and Mangkok Regions

These areas are the second options for mainstream tourists as they are slightly far (especially Mangkok); which is also the reason that you can get slightly cheaper accommodation here with many budget hotels. They also have some of the well-known luxury hotels like The Peninsula, The Heritage Hotel and The Intercontinental.

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