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Time travel:


Brussels Airport, Brussels, Belgium

Route :Brussels - Ghent - Bruges - Luxembourg - Esh-sur-Sure - Liege - Breda - Efteling - Amersfoort - Amsterdam - Zaanse Schans (mills) - Volendam - Leiden (CORPUS) - Delft - Giethoorn (Dutch Venice) - Paleis Het Loo (Dutch Versailles) - Otterlo (Museum Kruller-Muller) - Hertogenbosch - Brussels




We flew by El-Al Boeing-737-800 flight from Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion to Brussels on August 23, 2014 at 06:00.

  We arrived at  BRUSSELS at about 10 o'clock Belgian time and we were met by a FoxTransfer driver (, in which we ordered a transfer from the airport to the hotel. Everything was organized at the highest level.

First hotel: Leopold Hotel Brussels EU

   The most important advantage of this hotel is its location. It is located in the extreme southeast of the central region of the Belgian capital, next to the European Parliament complex. The nearest metro station (Trone) is about 0.5 km away.

    We once again appreciated the location of this hotel when we went on a tour of Brussels. We booked this tour in Excursiopedia with a very pleasant guide - Marina Novikova (

  We saw a lot of sights in the center of Brussels.

    On the third day of our journey, we received a car, and instead of the ordered Class B Mercedes, they gave us a Volvo V60 - a very good car! But along with this, we got a problem: where to park the car for the night?

  When we booked this hotel, on the  website it was written that the hotel has private parking at a cost of 25 euros per day. But when it came time to book parking, it suddenly turned out that there was no private parking. That is, there is private parking, but you can’t use it every day - you parked the car once and picked it up when you left the hotel.

  But at the hotel reception they explained to us that we can park the car on the adjacent streets. We thank them for this and give simple rules for parking a car on the streets of Brussels.

  In the central part of the Belgian capital, parking costs about 7 euros for three hours of parking. After 18.00 (or as it is written on the machine that accepts payment, for example, one of them was written - 20:30) and until 9.00 in the morning - FREE OF CHARGE. After these three hours, you need to return to the car and pay for the next parking hours.
  The owner of the car pays the fine for violation or non-payment of parking through the bank. Sizes range from 15 to 75 euros. A month is given for payment. Then the case goes to court, where the amount of the fine can increase by 3-5 times.

  On the satellite map attached below, those machines that we used are marked with yellow numbers (1,2,3). And on the last night, our car spent the night just at the entrance of our hotel.

Travel map of Belgium and Luxembourg


    From a tourist point of view, a Flemish city                has been for a long time in the shadow of its neighbor Bruges. In the 1980s, a restoration program began in Ghent.


One of the most visited cities in Belgium, medieval                      was practically unbuilt to this day.


Since 1952 in LuxembourgIt is home to the headquarters of the European Coal and Steel Community, and thanks to its position at the crossroads of numerous railways and roads and the presence of an airport, Luxembourg has become one of the most important European capitals.

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