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  Welcome to the Autostravel website (new version, created with WIX), where travel notes about car travel.

  Here you will find 
original lyrics travel notes during road trips, equipped with maps, photos,   including those posted on the site Google Photos, and videos (YouTube), a  also links to publications on friendly sites. Here we will also tell you about our cruises. The latest reports have added a link called Reference Information.

  B Main Menu site you will see the years of road trips and our "track record" of those countries (islands) where we have already visited. And it is done in reverse chronological order - the latest at the top.

  In section 
Sharing experience You will find useful advice on the topic of the site. For example, how to plan a route travel and make it interesting and captivating and not hard and dangerous work on unfamiliar roads. 

  We will be very grateful for your wishes or comments the author personal mail:

Good luck on the roads!

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