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Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

Time travel: 


Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport, Croatia

Route: Dubrovnik - Split - Trogir - Zadar - Plitvice Lakes - Istria - Venice - Predjama Castle - Lipica - Bled - Trieste - Zagreb.



Seat Alhambra

A few words about  preparing for the next road trip.

Crew. In terms of crew composition, we repeated 2013. Then and today, our Australian friends joined the Israeli couples, having made a many-hour flight from Australia to Europe.

About the route. We flew from Tel Aviv to Dubrovnik via Belgrade as there are no direct flights. The same goes home - through Belgrade, but from Zagreb.

Automobile. The task was to find a car for 6 people and at least 6 suitcases. As a result, we ordered a Volkswagen Sharan for 7 passengers, a minivan.

Hotels. All hotels were booked through

Croatia travel map:



So we flew to Dubrovnik. The flight to both Belgrade and Dubrovnik went well, almost on schedule. Having received the luggage, we went to get the car.
We got the car from a company called AvantCar. It's a local company, it's not a brand. We received not the car that we ordered, but, as they say, similar, similar. So, we got a 7-seat Seat Alhambra minivan.
It took us a long time to get the car because this company offered their own insurance program to replace the one we got when we booked the car on After discussion, we agreed, but at the same time we were offered to first refuse from that insurance. To do this, call to London. When this did not work out for us, an employee of the company kindly agreed to call London from the office phone. After a long wait, they answered us and accepted the cancellation of insurance.
I will talk about the car later, but now we will return to Dubrovnik and go to our first hotel. This took about 30 minutes.
Here is the address:  
And this is a view of our hotel and our car, right under our window:


The oldest city in Croatia - Dubrovnik is included by UNESCO in the top three most beautiful European cities of the Renaissance. And the local sea, according to the famous traveler Jacques Yves Cousteau, the cleanest of all the resorts of the Adriatic.
In the photo - the view from our balcony in the hotel:


 Stradun is the main street of Dubrovnik, paved with limestone and open only for pedestrian traffic. A street about 300 meters long crosses the Old Town from one city wall to another. Once upon a time there was a canal with water on this place, which separated two neighboring cities: Dubrava and Ragusa. After the cities united in the 9th century, Stradun became the main street of both. It started at the Pyla Gate in the west and ended with the Ploche Gate in the east.


 Fortress of the city of Dubrovnik


Here is a video of what we saw in Dubrovnik

More photos:

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