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Day 4 November 26, Saturday.

   Sharjah is the third largest emirate and the cultural capital of not only the UAE, but the entire Arab world.

  But first we visited the Rain Room, or the hall of eternal rain. In a room of 1460 sq.m., 1200 liters of purified water circulate, providing the effect of a tropical downpour. The Rain Room allows visitors to feel the downpour and stay dry at the same time.
   Thanks to motion sensors, guests can move through the continuous rain, stretch their arms and take selfies without getting wet. As soon as the visitor crosses the border of the installation, the water stops flowing over him, but continues to flow everywhere around him. Thus, it creates the feeling of being under a night shower.
   The attraction is located in Al Maharra Park and is a dark underground chamber where falling streams of water are illuminated only by a spotlight.

   Sharjah fish market is unique (by the way, this is where we bought dates as a gift)

   In the evening we returned to the hotel and drove  to the famous La Perla show.

Performance "La Perla" belongs to the category of "must see" sights, that is, which must be seen in Dubai. The show of incredible scope was invented and brought to life by one of the best directors in the world. Franco Dragone combined the seemingly impossible: amazing acting, super dynamic technology and the elusive illusion of shadows.

The show is one of a kind. This is fantastic, mind-boggling tricks of the best acrobats in the world, the beauty of the actors, real rain, a dynamic scene and simply bombing, knocking down energy. What happens on stage is difficult to describe in words. Every movement is perfected to perfection. Scenery changes every moment. It is impossible to look away from the stage. 



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