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Israel, Dead Sea.

Time travel: 

Route: Rehovot - Ashdod - Dead Sea (Hotel Milos).



About the route. Finally, we will talk a little about our country - Israel.

Automobile.We did not traditionally take a rented car, but used a car from work: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. By the way, a very good car: powerful, friendly, economical - 4-5 liters per 100 km.

 We now, like all over the world, are facing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. But we are the first in the vaccination! About 52% of the country population and about 72% of the adult population (over 16 years old) are fully vaccinated. About 57% of Israelis, more than 78% of the adult population, received the first vaccination. This is for today!
Our whole family already has the so-called "green passport", which, however, has only internal recognition.
What does a green passport give? Can be read

Roads.The main vehicles in a country as small and compact as Israel are cars, buses and trucks. In recent years, the road network has been expanded and modernized, which has not been able to cope with the growing flow of traffic. Now even the most remote corners of the country have become accessible.
The roads, I must say frankly, are very good, at the level of the German autobahns.
Map of Israel - on the right

The laying of the first toll road in Israel with a length of 300 km, the Trans-Israel Highway (highway No. 6, in Hebrew: kvish 6, כביש 6), is almost completed, which will soon connect Beersheba in the south with Nahariya in the north. As you know, highway number 6 is one of the highways in Israel, providing a continuous high-speed connection without a single traffic light, and meets world standards.
Highway 6 is an electronic toll freeway. The road, opened in 2004, stretches almost across the country from the north to the south and includes 14 intersections and exits in different directions.
By the way, the fact that the driver drove onto the toll road can only be found by the signs. The peculiarity of the route is that there are no payment points on it. Cars entering the road are identified by numbers, and receipts are later sent to their owners. If you rent a car, the money will be taken from your credit card, which you left as a deposit with the rental company.
Payment depends on the number of segments covered by the car and on the type of vehicle. The journey from the center of Israel to the extreme point in the north will cost approximately 35 shekels. The fare for any section can be calculated on the official website of "Kvish Shesh" (accessible Russian version). There are several types of subscriptions available.

On the way to the Dead Sea, we will show you what is characteristic of Israeli roads. Here is a map of our mini-trip:

Here we are on highway number 6 - quish shesh.
This is a common highway configuration: two lanes in each direction, a median including grass, reinforced concrete, metal barriers and other physical structures, lighting poles, a wide shoulder. It is important to note especially the information content of the markup. The traffic is clearly divided into lanes, it is always clear who is going where from which lane.
At night, the reflective components of the road markings are very helpful.

 And this - the landscape has changed.

The serpentine begins and the configuration of the road is different - one lane.

 And here we are: the Milos Hotel. Here is the address:


 This is where our green passports came in handy. Moreover, the hotel took it very seriously: the first time - at the entrance, the second - at check-in. We have presented our Traffic Light applications on a smartphone.
We were settled nearby: we have room 706, our associates have 707.

We generally liked the hotel. The rooms are spacious, each room has a separate entrance from the street. Everything is there, including air conditioning, Nespresso coffee machine, flat screen TV, safe, bathrobes.

What did we do at the Dead Sea? We went to the pool with salt water from the Dead Sea, walked, of course, to the local beach, and, of course, shopping in the city.
Here is a characteristic photo at the Dead Sea:

More photos:

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