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Hungary, Budapest & Balaton.

Time travel:

Route:Budapest - Siofok - ferry - Tihany - Balatonfured - Budapest - Visegrad - Szentendre - Budapest.


Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Budapest, Hungary



Photo courtesy of Arkady Salnikov.

About the route.So, we went to Hungary, ordered a transfer from Budapest airport to the hotel and back. We also ordered three excursions from the same guide - Arkady Salnikov.

Automobile.We did not order a rented car, but used the guide's car - Toyota Verso with a panoramic roof. And for the first time we had a car with a personal excellent driver.

We booked the Ensana Thermal Margaret Island Hotel through the site . It is located on Margaret Island in a stunning green park.
Here is the address:

Public transport in BudapestA few words about our experience. Since our hotel is located on an island and there are no metro stations, we had some inconvenience. There is only one bus number on the island (26). One of the bases is located next to the hotel. It is called Szállodák (Hotels). First we decided to buy an unlimited 1-day pass for a group of up to 5 passengers. Its cost will be 3300 HUF. But the gift shop in the hotel only sells Vonaljegy*  - ticket for a single trip without the right to transfer for 350 HUF. But you can buy a set of 10 tickets (10 darabos gyűjtőjegy) for 3000 HUF. So we did several times.

   Here is a map of the island:

Screenshot 2022-10-20 095236.jpg


Along the perimeter of the island there is a path along which residents and guests of Budapest run or walk. And we also walk:

And along the island floats a pleasure steamer.

The next day (September 4) under the guidance of Arkady there was a sightseeing tour lasting about 4 hours by car and a little on foot in the center of Budapest.
We saw: Fisherman Bastion

Panorama of the Parliament

Heroes Square

September 5 in the evening we had a walk on a river boat.
View from the deck of the boat

Liberty Bridge (view from the ship)

Parliament in all its glory (view from the ship)

September 6 was the longest trip - to Lake Balaton. The inhabitants of Hungary call it the Hungarian Sea.

Here is the map:

View of the embankment of the town of Siofok (Siofok)

On September 8, we had a relatively short excursion to the suburbs of Budapest - Visegrad (Visegrad) and Szentendre (Szentendre).
     Here is the map:

Screenshot 2022-10-20 100505.jpg

View of the Danube - Vysehrad

On the streets in Szentendre

   There is an attraction "Singing Fountains" near the island



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And on September 10, it  time to say goodbye to Budapest. Exactly at 4 am Arkady arrived and we went to the airport.
Many thanks to Arkady from our crew!

More photos:

More photos:

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