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Day 2. September 13, Wednesday. Andorra: city and mountains

Here is a map of where our hotel is located - on the banks of the La Valira River:

2023-09-23 12_32_26-Hotel Màgic Andorra - Google Maps.png

   First we had a walk around the capital of the smallest country in Europe.

   Andorra is a beautiful mountain fairy tale, a snowy island between France and Spain.

It is a famous duty-free shopping area and also attracts tourists with its ski resorts. In the capital of the state, the city of Andorra la Vella, there are many boutiques, jewelry stores and shopping centers. Most of them are concentrated on Meritsel Avenue.

   Andorra consists of 7 parishes (regions, zones, according to religious principles - in Russian - parish). Each of them is special:

  • CANILO – 4,300 inhabitants, 1,526 meters above sea level.

  • ENCAMP – 12,100 inhabitants, 1250 meters above sea level.

  • ORDINO – 4,700 inhabitants, 1,298 meters above sea level.

  • LA MASSANA – 10,100 inhabitants, 1230 meters above sea level.

  • ANDORRA LA VELLA – 22,600 inhabitants, 1013 meters above sea level.

  • SANT JULIA DE LORIA -9,300 inhabitants, 908 meters above sea level.

  • ESCALDES ENGORDAGNE – 14,000 inhabitants, 1050 meters above sea level.

   Here's what we saw:

And now - a video:

   In the middle of the day, towards evening, we went to the mountains and walked along the shore of the crystal clear Lake Engolester.

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