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Durham Cathedral of Christ, Mary and St. Cuthbert (Durham Cathedral) is the first monument in the UK to be listed (along with neighboring Durham Castle) as a World Heritage Site. It is the purest example of the Norman offshoot of the Romanesque style.


This is the sixth hotel where we spent one night:

June 19, 2017


York is the most irresistible city in the north of England. It is a place whose history, is the history of England.

Although this is a slight exaggeration, it reflects the significance of the city, which for centuries stood at the heart of the religious and political life of the country and, before the Industrial Revolution, was second only to London in terms of population and importance. This means that any trip to this part of the country would be incomplete without a visit to York.

The grand Minster Cathedral


This is the last, seventh, hotel in which we spent one night:

June 20, 2017


Station St. Pancras (St Pancras railway station)

The famous double-decker London bus

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