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Plitvice lakes

On the way to the Plitvice Lakes, we stopped in Zadar. There is a very interesting object there - the Sea Organ. Stone stairs descending to the water itself stretch for 70 meters along the coast. The marine organ is a sound system of 35 polyethylene pipes of various lengths and diameters, located at different angles. The pipes are fixed under the steps of the embankment, and the outlets output the sound directly to the pavement. The force of sea water pushes air through these pipes, which causes a combination of unusual sounds of different length and strength. In general, it is reminiscent of the sound of many wind instruments. Predicting the nature of the sound is quite difficult, because the waves are constantly changing direction, strength and size. The organ is tuned so that each of its pipes produces a sound of a certain tone. Thus, countless musical variations are created, the author of which is air and sea water.



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In the Plitvice Lakes area, we chose Guest House Rustico. And they didn't fail!

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Now - about the Plitvice Lakes.
Plitvice Lakes are considered one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world and are one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is a chain of 16 lakes, which are sandwiched between two mountain ranges and flow into one another in steps, forming numerous waterfalls along the way.
Rozka and I were already here in 2004. And now I repeat again: it is impossible to describe in words, it must be seen. The miracle that nature has created simply cannot be described in words, because any lofty words fade before the fabulous creation of Her Highness of Nature.

Plitvice Lakes

Here is a video about what we saw on the Plitvice Lakes

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