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Its time to talk about the car. In Dubrovnik, she stood in the parking lot in front of our windows. We used either the bus, or the taxi, or on foot.
I must say that we had a very good car: powerful, roomy. But very long! On average, our car - a minivan - was about 23-25 cm longer than conventional cars. And so it was very difficult to drive in the narrow streets or on the mountain roads that Croatia has in abundance. And our drivers did a great job!
Now about the trunk. We received the car with this trunk configuration:


And here is the list of our luggage. Let me remind you that we are 6 people:
1 large suitcase 28";
5 medium suitcases 24";
3 small suitcases - troll - 20";
2 backpacks;
1 small bag;
3 women's bags.
And all this fit in the trunk and in the cabin! Truly - to shove the unimpressed!

  On the way to Split we made a stop in the town of Makarska. This is one of the many resort towns that are found on the Croatian coast. Then we went to the next hotel.

Here is the address:  
   The hotel itself did not impress, but it is located in the very center of the city.
We ordered, as, indeed, in Dubrovnik, a city tour in Russian. The guide, from the locals, Anna-Maria, graduated in Russian philology at the University of Zagreb, speaks Russian very fluently. She showed us Split on foot, and in our car we went to Trogir, it's 30 km.

Sphinx in Diocletian's Palace


View of Split from the observation deck


It is necessary to develop the islands in Croatia, because there are a lot of them: there are more than a thousand islands off the coast of Croatia. I had several items with islands in my program. But the society chose the island of Brac. We went there by ferry with a car.
By the way, ferry crossings here in Croatia are very well developed and organized. Loading and unloading with vehicles, including buses and trucks, takes no more than 10-15 minutes.
Brač is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful and attractive among them. The island is the third largest, its area is just over 400 square meters. km. The climate on the island is mild Mediterranean. There is almost no heat here, because the island is constantly blown by fresh sea wind. The sea here is azure.

On the island of Brac


And we ate this! And in a very interesting restaurant: Little Paradise (Mali Raj). Here is the address:  

Little paradise

More photos:

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