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After Chester we went to Wales. There we first had lunch in the picturesque town of Betws-y-Coed. Then we went deeper into Snowdonia National Park. We looked at cozy villages and mountain passes. We visited the coast of the Irish Sea, in the town of Conwy, saw the ancient walls of Carnarvon Castle.

June 14, 2017

Cruise on Lake Windermere

There are 4 national parks in the north of England: The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire Moors and Northumberland.
The region of lakes attracts with the bewitching beauty of landscapes. Steep mountains and lakes spread in green valleys inspired many artists and poets. The largest lake in England - Windermere - is also located here. On its most picturesque shores, the villages seem to be painted. By the way, it stretches for 17 km in length and has a depth of 67 m.


Holhird Gardens

These gardens, ten acres on hillsides in Cumbria, belong to the Lakeland Horticultural Community. The gardens are cultivated and maintained by volunteers, while there are 250 active activists, and the remaining 1800 live far away and come only on holidays.

Holhird Gardens
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