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Fourth day

Today we spent most of the day on the road - about 350 km. We first returned to Switzerland.

  Here is the map of the day


On the way we stopped at Neuchatel. I just needed to stop and take a breath. We found underground parking in the city center and went for a walk.
  On the embankment of a local lake (very large, by the way), in the yard of some school, they found such a giant bench!

You should have seen how our women climbed there !!! Unfortunately, this has been left behind! So, frolic!



Here we are in Colmar. They say about him that he is the city of the most Alsatian of all the cities of Alsace. But first we stopped at our third hotel. It is located, as in the case of Annecy, also not in Colmar itself, but in an industrial area, on the territory of the Leclerc shopping center. We were to live there for 6 days.
  Here is her address: B&B Hotel COLMAR Center commercial Leclerc - 27 rue Herzog, 68124 Logelbach-Wintzenheim, France
  After a short rest, we went to meet Colmar. But today Colmar was not impressed. It was empty. But still we found some interesting places.

Fifth day

So, we started our journey through Alsace and today we went to the south of this province. Here is the day's map:


Mulhouse is an ordinary Alsatian city, but there is the world's most prestigious Automobile Museum - Cite d'Automobile or Musee national Collection Schlumpf or Schlumpf Brothers Museum.

The collection contains more than 500 cars of more than 100 different brands. The museum exhibits a unique collection of Bugatti cars - 112 models, many of which are made in a single copy.


We didn't like Guebwiller at first. Again it was empty. But we found a cake and a cappuccino, it even became pleasant.


The town of Eguisheim is small, with just over 1,000 inhabitants, but very colorful. Most of the urban development is very bright half-timbered houses.

And in the evening we finished the day again in Colmar. This time he seemed prettier.

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